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How To Cancel Passport Appointment WITHOUT DFA Appointment Code


How To Cancel Passport Appointment Without DFA Appointment Code? Aaaaaah, The dreaded question. We have noticed that there are a sudden spike of numbers in terms of the queries we are receiving daily regarding this question. We noticed that more and more people have been encountering this type of problem on how to cancel passport appointment without the DFA Appointment Code. By simple analysis...

How To Schedule Another Passport Appointment If You Have An Existing One

How To Schedule Another Passport Appointment If You Have An Existing One

I assume the reason why you’re reading this article is because you scheduled an appointment with the DFA Website for your passport application but you didn’t receive any email from them. Truth is, the email confirmation that you will receive is important that it will determine the success of your application. If you didn’t received the first email from DFA which contains the Payment...

Frequently Asked Questions On DFA Passport Application

Faq Dfa Philippine Passport

For this past few days, we have received thousands of queries related to Philippine Passport through our Philippine Passport Facebook Page. We identified that most of the questions asked by the applicants are basic and general questions that can easily be found on our website. So to address the problem on how we can reply to everyone’s concern, we have written this Frequently Asked Question Page...

Passport Renewal – How To Renew Your Philippine Passport

Passport Renewal How To Renew Your Philippine Passport

Passport Renewal has a new procedure on how to do it. Before, all you need to do is to set an appointment to your selected DFA Branch and wait for that day to arrive to process your application. But due to the glaring loophole in this process which gives fixers an opportunity to make money from the innocent public. DFA made a bold move to eradicate the illegal business set up by the fixers. The...

What Is An E-Receipt From Philippine Passport

E Receipt E Receipt Passport Philippines Application

E Receipt for Philippine Passport Application is one of the document that needs to be presented when applying for a Philippine Passport. Today, we will discuss this topic because I’m seeing several passport applicants have no idea what an E Receipt looks like or what its for. The main goal of this article is to provide additional knowledge to all passport applicants about the importance of the E...

How To Schedule An Appointment For Philippine Passport Application

How To Schedule An Appointment For Philippine Passport Application

Philippine Passport has a new way on how you can apply for one. This recent change was implemented this August 2018 by Department of Foreign Affairs to address the growing issues of unavailability of appointment slots. We’ll skip all the B.S. and we’ll go straight now to the tutorial on how to apply for Philippine Passport. First thing to do is go to the official website of Department of Foreign...

Where To Pay DFA Passport Application Fees?


All Applicants of Philippine Passport can now pay the application fees for first time applicants or passport renewal through the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) ePayment Portal set up by DFA. The DFA ePayment Portal is a recent upgrade to the existing online appointment system which enables the passport applicants to pay their passport processing fees through the authorized partners...

Passport Application Through Courtesy Lane


Courtesy Lane is encouraged by the Department of Foreign Affairs to be utilized by the passport applicants who falls under the category set by the said agency. Courtesy Lanes means that the Philippine Passport Applicants don’t have to schedule a Passport Appointment from the DFA Philippine Passport Appointment System. Department of Foreign is informing the passport applicants...

How To Apply For Philippine Passport For The First Time


In this article, we’ll be discussing the new process on how to apply Philippine Passport for the first time. Passport Application has been quite a headache for some of our applicants for this past couple of years. Most of the time, the issue that applicants encountered is the unavailability of schedule in different DFA location branches. But due to the recent changes the DFA...

DFA Appointment Code


DFA Appointment Code is a very important information that you’ll get when you schedule an appointment with the DFA Passport Online Website. The fact is, the DFA Appointment Code is the only information needed by the DFA Personnel to verify your Passport Online Appointment if its valid or not. We’ll discuss that later on. WHAT IS A DFA APPOINTMENT CODE? DFA Appointment Code is a series...

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