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DFA Passport Appointment – How To Schedule A Passport Appointment

Dfa Passport Appointment How To Schedule A Passport Appointment

Passport Appointment is very easy to secure! If you’ve experience before having a hard time booking or scheduling a passport appointment thru DFA website, worry no more! That’s because the website and the Passport Application process has been modified for improvement that will benefit the public. The DFA has implemented a new way on how to apply for a Philippine Passport which includes...

How To Pay Your Philippine Passport In Any Bayad Center

How To Pay Your Philippine Passport In Any Bayad Center

When you scheduled an appointment for your Philippine Passport, you will receive an email where it states that you are required to pay for it in advance in the selected Authorized Payment Centers or Authorized Partners. You will do this process even its your first time to apply or just renewing your old passport. The screenshot below shows the instruction from DFA’s...

Cancel Your Appointment In DFA Passport

Cancel Your Appointment In Dfa Passport

We have all different reasons why a cancellation of the passport appointment that we have scheduled in DFA website is needed. But for whatever reason it might be, I’m sure that there’s a valid reason behind it. Today, we’re going to talk about the process on cancelling your appointment in DFA Passport Application. The process is straight forward and easy. Actually, all you have to do is...

I Didn’t Received The Email Confirmation From DFA, What Should I Do?

Email Confirmation From Dfa

Email Confirmation from DFA website is important in applying for Passport. These emails have great significance in your passport application journey. We’ve been hearing alot of complaints from our Facebook Page that emails are not received immediately after booking an appointment. This increasing number of concern from Renewaland First Time Applicants fueled us to write...

How Much Is A Philippine Passport (Passport Fees)?

Passport Fees

When you apply for your Philippine Passport in DFA, you must pay the appropriate passport fees before it gets processed. UPDATE! According to DFA, Passport Applicants located in Metro Manila will have to pay the processing fee and an additional fee of P50 for the “convenience fee” right after they set or book an online appointment to their application or renewal of their passport. This...

Download Passport Application Form For Minors

Download Passport Application Form For Minors

Passport Application Form for Minors are one of the vital requirement when applying for a Passport. The passport application form for minors are used by applicants whose age is below eighteen (18) years old or those individual whose over 18 years but unable to fully take care of themselves or protect themselves from abuse, neglect cruelty, exploitation or discrimination because of physical or...

Passport Requirement For Minors

Passport Requirement For Minors

Passport Requirement for Minors is our topic for today. We’re discussing this due to the recent experience we have encountered when we applied for a passport with a minor. We realized that passport application for minors requires a different requirements compared to adults so we are writing this article. A Passport application form for Minors must be accomplished first. Right after filling up the...

Valid IDs Accepted In Applying For A Philippine Passport

Valid Ids Accepted In Applying For A Philippine Passport

Today, we’re talking about the Valid IDs Accepted in Applying for a Philippine Passport. When you arrive at the DFA Philippine Passport Application location, everyone is required to present their Valid and acceptable identification documents (Valid IDs) to the officer in charge who will process your application. This part is important security measure to avoid the identity theft of one...

Where To Apply DFA Philippine Passport

Where To Apply Dfa Philippine Passport

Are you having trouble knowing where to apply DFA Philippine Passport? Whether you are applying for your very first Philippine Passport or just renewing your old one, the very first step is to set an appointment through the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) online passport appointment system. One of the steps while securing an appointment is to select the best DFA Philippine Passport...

Different Hair Color In Your DFA Philippine Passport

Different Hair Color In Your Dfa Philippine Passport

There’s a high probability that the reason why you landed in this post is because you want to know if having a different hair color in your DFA Philippine Passport is allowed? It’s possible that you recently changed your jet black hair to a more loud color like red or purple and you’re worried that when you applied for a Philippine passport, you’ll be rejected and asked to return to your original...

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