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Where To Pay DFA Passport Application Fees?


All Applicants of Philippine Passport can now pay the application fees for first time applicants or passport renewal through the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) ePayment Portal set up by DFA. The DFA ePayment Portal is a recent upgrade to the existing online appointment system which enables the passport applicants to pay their passport processing fees through the authorized partners...

How To Pay Your Philippine Passport In Any Bayad Center

How To Pay Your Philippine Passport In Any Bayad Center

When you scheduled an appointment for your Philippine Passport, you will receive an email where it states that you are required to pay for it in advance in the selected Authorized Payment Centers or Authorized Partners. You will do this process even its your first time to apply or just renewing your old passport. The screenshot below shows the instruction from DFA’s...

How Much Is A Philippine Passport (Passport Fees)?

Passport Fees

When you apply for your Philippine Passport in DFA, you must pay the appropriate passport fees before it gets processed. UPDATE! According to DFA, Passport Applicants located in Metro Manila will have to pay the processing fee and an additional fee of P50 for the “convenience fee” right after they set or book an online appointment to their application or renewal of their passport. This...

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