How To Determine If Your Passport Needs To Be Replaced And What To Do!


If you’re a a well travelled person, your Philippine Passport has been your life. What you have in there are precious memories that you’ve gathered from your previous travels. For me, passport has been one of the valid identification cards that I frequently used. Though I am not a jet setter person but I’m planning to be in the near future. It’s just that I have an upcoming wedding so unnecessary expenses from travels are not in my priority list right now.

One fine Tuesday morning, I was about to go to work when I saw my passport lying on the floor. I immediately picked it up and saw a glaring water mark on the cover of it. I was thankful that the cover was thick and the water was unable to penetrate the entire booklet. I’ve inspected it page by page and saw nothing alarming. So I go ahead and left it in a safe place.

While I was driving, a small idea just hit me.

What will I do if my passport was soaked in the water and all the pages got wet? Will the Bureau of  Immigration still accept it if I manage to dry it by ironing it? If not, should I need to reapply for one?

And since I’m stucked in a heavy load of traffic that day, I started writing this. Don’t worry, I was not harmed while writing this article. The traffic is so bad that day that I was able to draft this article.

Anyway, based on my research, Department of Foreign Affairs laid out some rules and criteria on how to determine if your Philippine Passportneeds to be replaced. We’ll cover each one by one.

To let you know quickly, a damaged passports due for replacement are the passport that contains the following:

  1. A ripped cover
  2. Detached pages
  3. Gone through a washing machine or recovered from a flooded house
  4. Bear bites marks (by your dog or cat)
  5. Crumpled but without tears
  6. Has obvious food or drink stains
  7. Burnt edges


The cover of your passport is designed to be thick to protect the entire booklet. If you see your passport to have a “ripped cover”, then this is the right time to schedule a visit with the Department of Foreign Affairs for the replacement of your passport.


Passport pages are very important part of the passport. Its where the proof of your travels are placed. If you are the Immigration officer and a traveller hands you a passport with several pages detached on it, would you be glad to allow him/her the entry to your country?

I don’t know if this is part of their “Immigration Inspection” but If I were the Immigration officer, I won’t hesitate to deny you the entry because of the unpresentable passport. Who knows, it may be falsified document or the detached pages was snatched from another passport? Who knows?

So to avoid any worst case scenario in the future, once you saw your passport having several detached pages, don’t hesitate to reapply for one. Especially if you’re scheduled to travel.

Philippine Passport Replacement Damaged


I’m a bit hesitant to explain this. But for the sake of those people who needs justification, i will.

If your Philippine Passport was accidentally gone through the washing machine together with your clothes, I am 100% sure that it got wet. Plus the pages will contain stains from the colors of your laundry making it look like shit. It’s also possible that the personal details of you are already faded due to the strong laundry chemicals mixed with water. To summarize, No. you can’t use that passport! You should apply for a replacement.

Flood water is much worse. First, its dirty. Second, there are muds, sands and unknown elements present in the flood water. If I would be an Immigration officer for a day and a traveller handed me his passport that looks like it was covered with mud and recovered from flood, I will instantly throw it in the trash and deny him/her the entrance to the country. Hell, i might call the security because it irritates me seeing that piece of crap. 🙂


Bear bite marks of your pet dog or cat is also not tolerable. I guess Immigrations around the world are very strict on the presentation of your Passport. So to make sure to avoids having this problems, refrain from storing your passport in a room where your pets has an access on it.

Your pets are uncontrollable, accept that. You can’t control them what to do from time to time. So to avoid having this problem, its best that you keep your Philippine passport in a safe place where they can’t reach or open it.


You might argue with me with this but having a crumpled page in your passport is also unacceptable and bound for replacement. Even if you say that it has no tears on the pages.

Again, you can argue with the Immigration officer about the reasons why it was crumpled. But would you stress yourself with that? Would you reason out with the person who has the power to deny you the entry to a certain country if he or she doesn’t like your tone?

You may find it funny but for me, I would rather spent an extra bucks to reapply for a replacement of my passport than to reason out or have an argument with the Immigration Officer. My stress level from my work is too high already. I don’t want to add more. I’m using my passport to travel for vacation and my relaxation. I don’t one to remember that one day, in one of my travels, I asked the mercy of the Immigration Officer to let me pass.

See the logic there?


This ones obviously a clear reason to have replace your passport.

Obviously, this one is the result of carelessness. You might say that “it was an accident” but would it be possible if your Philippine passport was not around while you’re eating?

If you accidentally stained your passport pages with your food, try to clean it all out. If its gone then you don’t have a problem. But if not, then you have.

Same with the flooded passport, the stained pages of your passport is not acceptable. A clean and tidy passport is what you need, the dirty one doesn’t deserve you so do the right thing. Replace it!


We have reached the last item from our list, hooray!

Burnt edges of your passport is another result of carelessness. I can think of many reasons why a Philippine passport and a fire are present in one place where the other one harms or burns the another.

Maybe you’re smoking, passport on the right hand and lighter on the left? You’re in a camp fire and you’re showing off? Or maybe, you’re cooking!

Look, there are millions of reasons to justify the incident but what matter here is it won’t justify your reason why you didn’t apply for a replacement.


Here are the things that you need to do to be able to request for a replacement.

1. Submit a Notarized Affidavit of Mutilation.

2. Write a detailed explanation on details how the passport got mutilated or damaged. This includes the when, where and the how.

3. Submit the Original and photocopy of the first and last pages of mutilated or damaged passport.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, there will be a Fifteen (15) day clearing period before the processing of your application for the replacement. This means that it will take time so don’t get mad with the Government if you didn’t get your passport in time.

Please note that a P350 fee is charged to the applicant for the damaged or mutilated passport. For the complete details on Passport Fees, you may check out this post.

Looking back in our discussion, I just realized that the root cause of damage passport is carelessness. Our passport (like I said) is a very important document. Aside from its expensive, application of the passport is not that easy. You have to wait in line and wait for it to be delivered in your home address before you get your hands on it. So please take care of it. Keep it inside your vaults (if vaults are available in your homes) or keep it in your personal cabinet or drawers with locks.

So what are you waiting for? If you determined that your Passport is damaged or mutilated, then schedule a passport appointment immediately and apply for a new one!

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  • Hi po what if yung passport po dalawa yung pirma. Yung una na sign, napaiba ng pirma kaya inulit yung signature. Valid pa rin po ba yun kahit dalawa na po yung signature sa passport. Thank you

  • Ask ko lang po yung what if po yung arrival sticker nung last travel po eh ng idikit mo ay umabot dun sa perforated passport number (yung number na butas sa taas ng passport page) invalid na po b yun?

  • hello po panu pag yung page na nakalagay yung info sa katabi ng picture my small butas parang dahil sa staple? consider as damage na po ba yung thank u

  • Ano po ang kailangan ko gawin..? Nasunugan po kme nitong june 7, 2019 nasama po passport ko sa sunog na naganap sa lugar namin eh kakuha ko lang po nun last year july 6, 2018.Pahelp nman po kung ano dapat ko gawin para makakuha ulit ng passport.

    • Ano po ang kailangan ko gawin..? Nasunugan po kme nitong june 7, 2019 nasama po passport ko sa sunog na naganap sa lugar namin eh kakuha ko lang po nun last year july 6, 2018.Pahelp nman po kung ano dapat ko gawin para makakuha ulit ng passport.

  • Hello po. ying passport ko sa page kung saan nkalagay yung name,picture and info ng holder ,sa left side nya may rat bite peru maliit naman po. Kahapon ko lng napansin after ko magpa biomteric. Kailangan po ba yan papalitan po?ano po ba dapat ko gawin? Hope you can help.thank u

  • Hi,good day… Ask ko lang po if pano kung medyo nabasa yung passport ko pero hindi naman napunit o nalukot. Ang pagkakabasa po eh yung parang nag moist lang. Magagamit kopa po ba ito? Thank you

  • My passport got wet indirectly because it was inside my bag and the rain penetrated unfortunately causing my passport to be a bit “baconized”.

    I am sure the damaged passport is still readable because I used such passport last 2017 when I went to Malaysia without any trouble.

    However, we just applied for Japan VISA a while ago and the eagle eye Travel Agency checker noticed the slight “baconized” feature of my passport and I was asked to fill out some form of undertaking that my passport is damaged. They also suggested for me to get a replacement passport or ask DFA if my passport would be acceptable.

    Since there is a clearing period and passport appointment are getting scarce, is there a way to know if my slightly damaged passport would still be acceptable similar to the case I experienced last 2017?

    • Hello po! I am concerned po about my passport. I haven’t used it since, but maybe the front cover the gold plated in front some parts of it are erased but not entirely just small portions of it. Is it still accepted on the immigration? Thank you po!

  • Hello po. ask ko lang. what if young pinaka cover ng passport is faded na. walang naming damage or what so ever. the expiration is still in 2021. yung pinaka cover nya long po yung faded. Thanks

  • I found out that the edge of my passport bio page was eaten by the rat. Though it’s just as tiny as in letter “O” in this comment. It’s actually visibly seen when you open it. Would you think it will still be acceptable?

  • Hi I just wanna ask cause I have a flight this coming January 29 and passport still in Greek embassy, I’m just curious is the immigration will let me go cause my passport have small bitten of cockroach., just on the left side.

  • Hi pano kung yung edge ng first page(likod ng bio) and some few pages ng passport ko eh may konting gasgas sa edge? Gasgas kahahawak ng kung sino sino at ka piflip nila gamit ang daliri nila? Would that be a case ng mutilated or can be considered as mere wear and tear damage? Im scheduled to travel next month. -_-

  • What if my passport has tiny bug bite on its cover. Do i need to have it replaced? This happened because it was stored long on my cabinet. And it seems like insect or big of some sort ate it. What do i do? Thank you.

    • Actually, it depends. kung sobrang lake po talaga. I think considered na po na mutilated passport na po yan. pero kung maliit lang naman at hindi ganon kavisible, baka pwede na hindi pansinin.

  • My passport’s biopage has a slight tear due to teller’s mishandling during a bank transaction, an immigration office told me that i can still use it but the dfa staff told. Me to replace it. What should i do? I have to travel in 2 weeks.

  • Hi! I got dirt smeared on my passport’s two middle pages. Is my passport considered damaged? Everything including the bio data page is fine. I’m worried since I’m going abroad in a few months

  • Ask ko lang what if nagkamali ka ng nilagay na signature sa passport then you tried to erase it. Will it need to be replaced? Kc my mother and i just got our passports last 2017. After we signed our passports saka lng nmin nakita na nagkapalitan kme. What to do? 🙁 we’re planning sana to travel by the end of 2018. Thanks in advance!

    • I’m not sure kung papalitan. pero pwede po, ang problem lang eh mag uundergo ulit kayo ng same passport application process.

  • How to replace my passport? It is wet because of flood yesterday night? And what is the requirements? I need a appointment or not?

  • hi! my valid passport with a valid multiple japan visa in it got wet (but it’s not that bad) i went to jp embassy and asked if i can still use the visa and luckily they said that it is still okay. I went to dfa to ask about my passport and they told me that i need to replace it. any idea if they are going to ask me for new application requirements or renewal requirements? i am worried cause i don’t have other primary id, i only have secondary ids and i have my psa birth cert and affidavit of explanation with me. is my mutilated epassport not enough for the id? my passport appointment is on th 21st. Hope to hear from you. thanks! 😊

    • hi paul, did you end up getting your passport replaced or checked by DFA about the faded seal? my passport’s seal on the cover has also faded a bit.

      • Kung faded lang po ang iyong front page ng iyong Passport, I think ok lang po yan. As long as yung data page or information page ay maayos. Pero nasa sa iyo pa din po iyan yung gusto mo talaga papalitan. Kung worried ka, pwede mo iapply as damaged passport.

  • My passport got soaked in the washing machine, and i have just seen the comment here. Im thankful for the brief advice. But i need to inquire if what are the requirements for replacement of passport. Thanks..

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