Different Hair Color In Your DFA Philippine Passport


There’s a high probability that the reason why you landed in this post is because you want to know if having a different hair color in your DFA Philippine Passport is allowed?

It’s possible that you recently changed your jet black hair to a more loud color like red or purple and you’re worried that when you applied for a Philippine passport, you’ll be rejected and asked to return to your original hair color.

Change of hair color is normal. As a matter of fact, women tend to change their hair color, style, length all the time. The Airport personnel especially the Immigration Officers see this practice all the time and its pretty normal to them.

There are tons of discussions over the internet regarding this subject but only one correct answer prevails.

To give you a straight forward answer to the question “if having a different hair color in your DFA Philippine Passport is allowed?”, well, YES it is allowed.

The thing with the passport is, what matters is your face or facial features. Immigration officers or authorities pay less attention in your hair color in your DFA Philippine Passport as long as your face is still the same with the photo embedded in you passport. They do check your photo and compare it with your facial features. That’s why they ask you to stand in from of their desk right?

Changing your hair color from brunette to blonde raises another question. Do I really need to update my passport to reflect the sudden change of my physical appearance in terms of my hair color. Again, There’s no need to update the passport and (again) what matters is your face and facial features.

Imagine the hassle it would bring to the people who changes their hair color three to four times a year?

Now if you changed your skin color from dark to light skin color, something like Michael Jackson black to Michael Jackson white level. Then you’re going to have a problem. But this is another story that we won’t be discussing here.


The only thing that you might encounter when you have a different hair color in your DFA Philippine Passport is most of the time, Immigration Officers tend to take a second or third look at your face. This is another security measure that will be added because the Immigration officer needs to verify that the owner of the passport is really you. Sometimes, they ask you random personal questions just to verify that its you.

Worst case scenario is they will hold you for an hour or two and start asking question to prove your identity. But then again, if you can easily prove your identity that you’re the person in the passport then it wont be a big deal. But this is very rare. Unless they can’t recognize you in the photo versus your physical facial features then expect to be questioned or even hold off.

Just to wrap it up, don’t worry about your Hair Color in your DFA Philippine Passport.  As long as they can recognize you from the photo in your passport then we don’t have a problem.

If anyone reading this is having a hard time or planning on getting your Philippine Passport, then you’ve come to the right place. We have written tons of tutorial guides such as how to get your Philippine Passportpassport fees and passport appointment. Just follow the links and read through our tutorial.

If you have questions about your passport, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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