How To Apply For Philippine Passport


Many of us are still unaware on How to Apply for Philippine Passport so we decided to write this article. Through the generosity of our Government, Filipinos can now apply for Philippine Passport with a validity of ten (10) years!  We won’t keep you waiting so we’ll head straight on the step by step guide on how to apply for Philippine Passport.


  1. What is a Philippine Passport?
  2. What are the Philippine Passport Requirements?
  3. How to schedule a Philippine Passport Appointment?
  4. How much are the Philippine Passport?
  5. How to apply for Philippine Passport?


A Philippine Passport is a travel document and primary national identity document issued to the citizens of the Philippines. Philippine Passport is issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Philippine diplomatic missions abroad.

Department of Foreign Affairs is issuing three types of Philippine Passports which can be identified by the color of the cover. These are the following:

Regular Philippine Passport (Maroon) – The most common type of passport and issued to any citizen of the Philippines. The passport validity of this type of Philippine Passport is good for ten (10) years.

Official Philippine Passport (Red) – this specific type of passport is issued to the members of Philippine Government for use on official business. Employees of the Philippine Diplomatic posts abroad who are not members of the diplomatic service are also issued this kind of passport. The passport validity of this passport is only good for six (6) months.

Diplomatic Philippine Passport (Blue) – A Diplomatic Philippine Passport is issued to all members of Philippine Diplomatic server, members of the Cabinet, service attachés of other Government agencies assigned to Philippine diplomatic posts abroad and delegates to international and regional organizations.

Now that you know the brief background of the Philippine passport, are you ready to know how to apply for Philippine Passport?


We’re trying to give you a comprehensive tutorial which focuses on how to apply for Philippine Passport so we’re providing you all the the following information. To be able to have a successful passport application, you’ll need to bring the following:

Personal Appearance in any DFA Regional Consular offices, Satellite offices located in Selected malls, and at the Office of Consular Affairs in Parañaque City.

Birth Certificate in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the Philippine Statistics Office (PSA)

Confirmed DFA Philippine Passport Appointment– a separate discussion is to assigned for this step on how to schedule an appointment in DFA website below.


If you are an applicant ages 18 years old and above, then additional requirements are needed when applying for a Philippine Passport. Additional Government issued Valid IDs are required to present when applying for Philippine Passport. You may choose one from the list below:

  • Digitized SSS Unified Multipurpose (UM) ID
  • GSIS Unified Multipurpose (UM) ID
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • PWD ID
  • School ID for Student applicants
  • PRC License
  • IBP ID
  • OWWA ID or iDOLE Card
  • PNP Firearms License
  • Digitized BIR ID

Please note that you are required to bring one (1) of any of the valid IDs listed above. NBI Clearance is no longer accepted in applying a Philippine Passport, this is according to the official website of DFA.

To see the complete list of requirements, you may click the link to read our post covering the Philippine Passport Requirements.


You may wondering why there’s a need to schedule an appointment? We’ll this is how DFA manages the application of passport so it will be more organized.

Our guide on how to apply for Philippine Passport is not yet done, we haven’t reached the middle of it! But first, I would like to inform everyone that the securing an appointment in DFA Passport Appointment System website is not that easy. This is because the DFA appointment system website has a daily quota. We won’t be discussing how many passport applicants are processed daily because that’s not our goal but it’s best that we know that the slots are limited.

Please note that a confirmed Philippine Passport Appointment is a requirement to all applicants. Walk in applicants are not entertained anymore.

Going back to our tutorial on how to apply for Philippine Passport.

The first thing to do is visit the official website of DFA Passport Appointment System website ( Go to the link and you will land in the same screen as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 1

In the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a check box and a text saying: “I have read and understood the instructions and information on this page, and agree to the Terms and Conditions on the use of this online appointment and scheduling system.”

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 2

All you need to do is click the check box to agree with the Terms of Condition then click the button right below it.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 3

There are two buttons to choose from:

1. Start Individual Appointment – this is specifically for scheduling an appointment for one person only.

2. Start Group Appointment – while this appointment is for applicants more that two (2) to five (5) applicants. Please note that group applicants more than five requires another appointment.

For the sake of this tutorial on how to apply for Philippine Passport, we will focus on the Philippine Passport Individual Appointmentonly.

After clicking the “Start Individual Appointment” button, a small pop up window will appear saying:

Please be reminded that any incorrect information that is inputted in this application form may result to delay in your application and that misrepresentation on your part may be considered grounds for refusal/cancellation of your application.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 4

Read it and press OK.

You will be directed to the page below where you will select the DFA Site Location where you want to process your Philippine Passport.

As an example, we’ve chosen the ASIA PACIFIC, Philippines, DFA Manila (ASEANA).

After you selected your preferred DFA Site Location the next thing to do is just to click the “NEXT” button to proceed with the next steps.

Now, select your preferred date and time of your Philippine Passport Application Appointment.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 6

Note: In some cases, you’ll see that most of the date and time are not available. That means there are no available date and time for you and all you have to do is to try again again the next hour or even the next day. There are known issues with Philippine Passport Appointment system where all schedules (date/time) are already fully booked. As I have mentioned, all you need to do is try again some other time. Be patient.

After selecting your preferred date and time, you are now required to input all your Personal Information. This section is divided into two (2) section. We won’t be discussing each item in the Personal Information. As its already self explanatory, all you need to do is fill up the form.

The “Personal Information” and “Family Information” sections, again as I have mentioned, all you need to do is type in all the necessary information. Make sure to fill up all items correctly because erroneous entries may cause delay or cancelation of your appointment.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 7

Important! Make sure to enter all you personal information as errors may cause delay of your Philippine Passport Release date.

Press the “NEXT” button to proceed with the next procedure on scheduling your Philippine Passport Appointment.

The next step in securing your passport appointment is the “Application Information“. In this section, you have to enter what is your Passport Application Type. Whether it is a NEWPassport Application or RENEWAL Passport Application. Just select it from the Application Type drop down list.

When selecting “RENEWAL” as your Passport Application Type, You need to enter your Old Passport Number, Date of Issue and Issuing Authority. All these information can be found in your old Philippine Passport.

Press the NEXT button if you are done.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 8

The last thing that you need to fill up is your Contact Information section, just like the Personal Information section, you need to enter all the details correctly.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 9

Press the NEXT button to finish the entire Philippine Passport Application.

This will be the second to the last step in the the DFA Philippine Passport Appointment website that you’ll do. After filling up the details in the Contact Information section, the page will redirect you to your Personal Information page. But this time, all you have to do is REVIEW or CHECK all that you have entered if its correct or not. If you see any errors in your information, you now have the chance to edit it by clicking the “EDIT” button.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 10

Once done editing, click the “SAVE” button.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the captcha or the check box that says “I’m not a robot”. Using your mouse, tick the box.

Tick the second box saying “I am aware that possession of a passport is a privilege granted by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines only to its citizens…”

Press the CONFIRM button to finalize your Philippine Passport Appointment Schedule.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 11


But this tutorial on how to apply for Philippine Passport is not done yet, you still have few things to do. But don’t worry, everything will be easy.

Now, open your email address (the one you used in DFA website where you schedule your Philippine Passport Appointment). Look for the email sent by the DFA Website. The email that you’re looking looks like this:

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 12

The automated email is sent by APPOINTMENT@PASSPORT.GOV.PH with a subject of DFA Passport Appointment System – Notice of Provisional Schedule, read it carefully.

Notice that the subject of the email says “Provisional Schedule”? This means that your appointment if still temporary and still not valid. To finalize your Philippine Passport Appointment, all you need to do is confirm your appointment.

To confirm your appointment, in the email sent by, there’s a link saying “CLICK HERE TO CONFIRM YOUR BOOKING“. Click that link.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 13

The link will bring you again to the same DFA Philippine Passport Appointment website where you schedule your appointment. You will land on this screen saying that you’re appointment is already confirmed!


Once you confirmed your Philippine Passport Appointment, you will receive another email from saying “You have successfully confirmed your Passport Appointment Booking”.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 14

In the confirmation email that you received from, there’s also a link there to print your Philippine Passport Application form. If you click the link, it will automatically download your Philippine Passport Application form in your computer.

There’s also another way to do this by visiting the same website where you scheduled your Philippine Passport Appointment or by going to this link: This will bring you to this page.

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 15 class=

Enter your Philippine Passport Appointment Code and your Email Address in the space provided. You can get the Appointment code in the email sent by Click the “VIEW DETAILS” button to proceed.

It will display your Philippine Passport Appointment  Details (Appointment Code, DFA Site, Appointment Date and Time and the Applicant’s Name).

How to Apply for Philippine Passport - DFA Passport Appointment System Website Image 16

At the bottom you’ll see four (4) buttons, these are:

  • CANCEL APPOINTMENT – click this button if you decided to Cancel your Passport Appointment.
  • DOWNLOAD FORM – downloads your Philippine Application form in your computer.
  • RESCHEDULE – this is used to reschedule your previously confirmed Philippine Passport Appointment.


Payments for Philippine Passport can be done in the DFA Site Location where you scheduled your appointment. Philippine Passport fees with 10 year validity are the following:

Philippine Passport Fee (Regular Processing) – P950, this will take fifteen (15) working days if you’re located in NCR, twenty (20) working days if you’re outside NCR.

Philippine Passport Fee (Express Processing) – P1,200, expedited Philippine Passport this will take seven (7) business days if you’re located within NCR or ten (10) business days if outside NCR.

Philippine Passport processed on a Saturdays – P1,200


Before your scheduled appointment date arrives, make sure to prepare all the required documents to avoid any problems with your passport application. Make sure to:

  • Print out your Philippine Passport Application form.
  • Bring a government issued valid ID as a proof of your identity. See the complete list above.
  • For Passport renewal application, kindly bring your old passport.

Additional requirements are also needed for applicants who are:

  • newly married woman applying for the first time who wish to use the surname of her spouse.
  • minors (below 18 years old)
  • Muslim applicants
  • spouse of a foreign national

On the day of the appointment date, Make sure to dress properly and arrive at the DFA Branch at least 30 minutes before the appointment time

Present your printed Philippine Passport Application form to the Appointment Counter. The DFA Personnel will give you a queue number. All you have to do here is to wait until your queue number is called.

Once called, proceed to the PROCESSINGcounter where your Philippine Passport Application will be validated. If no issues found in your application, DFA Personnel will instruct you to pay the passport fees.

After paying the necessary passport fees, you’ll need to proceed to ENCODING section for Photo and Data Capture.

Please note that while taking your photo, there are some rules that needs to be followed. These are:

  • Applicant must directly look at the camera.
  • Applicants must close their mouths.
  • Teeth must not be seen in the photo.
  • Eyeglasses and contact lens are prohibited.
  • Smiling is also prohibited

After these steps, you’re done! The DFA Passport Personnel will inform you the date of release of your passport. They will also write this in your passport payment receipt. All you need to do is go back to the same DFA Site and pick up your newly issued Philippine Passport!

Newly issued Philippine Passports can be picked up at the Passport Releasing counter of the DFA Site where you submitted and processed your application. Don’t forget to show your payment receipt when claiming your passport.

But if you don’t want to pick up your Philippine Passport, you have the option to get it delivered in the comforts of your home. Just pay the courier or delivery of your passport within the DFA premises. The authorized courier will inform you the date when will they deliver your passport.

So there you have it, we’re now finished with the step by step guide / tutorial on how to apply for Philippine Passport. If you have questions on How to Apply for Philippine Passport, just leave a comment below.

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    This is to inform that your passport application was suspended. Please email at for more details. Thank you..

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  • Hi, kailangan ko po kasi ng assistance, magrerenew na po kasi ako this october. I found out kasi na 2 ang birth certificate ko and ang ginagamit ko is yung delayed registered noon pero nung nalaman ko yung case ko na hindi na irereleased yung 2nd birth cert ko, ni revert ko nalang lahat sa original yung may files/docs and govt ids ko. So, ang need ko papalitan yung details sa passport ko before renewing, ano po ba gagawin ko? Surname and birth place po ang need ipabago. *btw, yung 2nd birth cert ko is surname ng stepfather ko and birth place din sa lugar nila which is hindi tugma sa original birth cert ko, so i decided to use nalang yung original birth cert ko which is surname ng mother ko and birth place kung san talaga ako pinanganak Thanks.

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  • Good day, I have already scheduled an appointment last May 4, 2018 and have confirmation sent through email. I want to know to pay or where shall I pay the passport renewal fee since ePayment was implemented last week of August? I have not received any instruction regarding payment since I made my appointment earlier this year. What shall I do, my confirmed appointment schedule will be on Sept 22, 2018?

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    • Kelan po ba ang sinabi sayong releasing ng iyong passport? Ung araw na sinabi nila, yun po ang date kung kelan un irerelease.

  • I was trying to book for Appointment for Leidyann V. Maravillas and Justin Raphael Q. Estacio on September 14, 2018 2pm-3pm. There was an error message while I was about to settle the payment: INVALID TRANSACTION REQUEST. Sorry, but the reference number you supplies was invalid and needs to be fixed before you continue. Kindly contact our help desk support for further assistance.

    Thank you for your prompt response

  • Gentlemen:
    We will be renewing the passport of my 81 yo mom using the courtesy lane. Can we pay the processing fee in DFA instead of using epayment? This is in response to the advisory on epayment effective aug2018.

    Would appreciate any advise. Thank you

  • Hi Goodmorning, may questions po ako. I am a fresh graduate and currently don’t have valid ID’s. Yung ID lang po na meron ako this time is Phil Health, and School ID. Then I only have SSS E1 and Voter’s ID claim stub pwede ko po bang ipresent yun pag kukuha ako ng passport? Balak ko din po sanang dagdagan ng NBI clearance for reference po. Makakakuha po kaya ako ng passport kahit yan lang po ung meron ako? Di naman po kaya ako madedenied? I’m hoping for your kind response! Thankyou!

  • Good Day

    Me and my husband (JADEMON IDAÑO) set an appointment for passport application on September 5, 2018 on DFA Puerto Princesa but he accidentally deleted the email for payment reference number. Can you resend it to him cause we will settle the payment today or tomorrow. We just got here last Saturday from Coron so we dont have other time to settle the payment. Thank you for your assistance.

    Here is the details:
    Jademon Cabana Idaño
    September 16, 1991

  • My old Philippine passport was year 2000. I did not renew it. could this still be accepted for a renewal of passport?

  • hi. Taga manila po ako. Ask ko lang saan pwede kumuha ng passport taga manila po ako, saan din po magbabayad at magkano po kaya? salamat po_

  • Last November pa kami nagbabantay ng available slots para sa philippine passport application namin. araw araw namin binubuksan ung website pero laging puno na? Kelan po kaya magkakaron ng avaiable schedule ang philippine passport appointment?

  • Do I have to change last name in my Philippine Pasport immediately? O pwede namang kung kelan ko nalang gustohin? Possible ba yun?

  • Nag online appointment ako sa DFA one weeks ago pero super disappointed ako dahil walang available slot sa buong pilipinas!!!

  • Yung dun sa appointment, ang requirement is PSA issued birth certificate. Hindi na po NSO? DI po ba pwede ang NSO birth certificate?

  • I want to ask if magapply din ako with my daughter na 1 yrs old need pa ba appointment? Or i can directly go to their office? Thanks

  • Punong puno po ang DFA Aseana nung nagprocess ako ng passport ko. I advice na umiwas na po sa location na to kung makakapag appointment kayo.

  • How about if I lost my philippine passport? Anong requirements ang dapat kong dalhin? Meron na akong passport dati and planning to travel this year but im not sure kung anong documents ang dadalhin.

  • Ask ko lang kung anong gagawin kung nabasa ung lumang passport? Naisama kasi ng asawa ko sa washing machine eh.

  • Ito po mga available requirements ko.

    SSS ID
    driver’s license
    postal ID
    at PSA Birth certificate.

    Pwede na po kaya yan? First time applicant po ako ng philippine passport.

  • Guys, lahat po ng walang appointment eh hindi maasikaso sa pagkuha ng Philippine passpot. Bawal na po ang walk in

  • Very very helpful tutorial on how to apply for philippine passport. __ I am planning to treat my little brother and Mommy to Japan in November. Thanks!

  • Hello po! Ask q lng po paano apply at requirements pgkuha ng passport pra s anak q? Single parent po aq at ksalukuyan nsa abroad. 7 yrs old plng po anak q.

  • Di ako makakuha ang website lageng sinasabi na check everyday pero wala naman laging full ang passport appointment

  • paano po kung nagkamali ako ng enter ng email address? Wala din akong natanggap na email galing ng dfa?

  • Question, renewal po ako on April. Kukunin po ba nila ung lumang passport ko at papalitan ng bago? Ayaw ko sana bigay kasi madame na pong stamp to. Sayang po ang memories.

  • Base sa pag kakabasa ko at pagkakaintindi ko sa nakasulat sa tutorial above, parang new application lang din pala to. Ang difference lang ay need mo ipakita ang marriage certificate mo as a proof ng marriage at magpapalit ka na ng name.

  • Hello, im from Cavite city pero gusto ko kumuha sa DFA Aseana kasi sabi nila mas mabilis daw dun? Totoo po ba? Salamat and have a great day!

  • Paano po un, hirap ung signal ng internet dito sa amin kaya hindi kame makapag paappointment. Baka pwede naman ang walk in applicant sa philippine passport

  • I already paid scheduled my appointment in my passport but I noticed that the name indicated in my passport application is my old maiden name, what should I do?

  • Slamat po at nkita k po tong tutorial na to on how to apply for philippine passport. hnd na po ako mhhirapan mag renew ng passport. salamat po.

  • If I follow the instruction of the DFA Passport personnel, I will put my married name in the “husband’s surname” is already stated there? Parang ang gulo nun

  • Nag group appointment po ako kasama ang asawa at anak ko? Isang email lang po ba ang marereceive ko? Paano ung application forms nila?

  • Matanong lang, pwede bang walk in application. Meron po akong dalang baby na 1year old, kukuhanan ko din po ang anak ko.

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