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Passport Application Form for Minors are one of the vital requirement when applying for a Passport.

The passport application form for minors are used by applicants whose age is below eighteen (18) years old or those individual whose over 18 years but unable to fully take care of themselves or protect themselves from abuse, neglect cruelty, exploitation or discrimination because of physical or mental disability or condition. There’s an entire Republic Act written related to this, you can refer to RA No. 7610.

The instruction in using the Passport Application Form for Minors are crystal clear. First, the passport applicant must print this form and fill up the required fields using a black or blue ink only. As much as possible, supply all the necessary information. Applicants must write “N/A” for the entries with no answer.


If you are applying with a minor, it is important that before scheduled appointment date, you have accomplished this form and all the Passport requirement for Minors are complete.

Failure to do so results to denial of service or rejection of the minor’s application.

You may download the said Application Form by clicking the (yellow) button down below.

Download Passport Application Form for Minors - Application Form

Download the Passport Application Form for Minors

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